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We look for exceptional and experienced people to join our team, who understand our passion and our vision to provide an outstanding learning experience for children aged 4 to 11 years.

Our job is not to shape children’s minds; it’s to let those minds explore all the possibilities that the world allows.
— Alison Gopnik

Set in an acre of woodland, Liberty Woodland School is a residential premises turned magical woodland school. The grounds will host an artist’s atelier, a tool workshop for woodcraft and tinkering, a science lab, as well as both indoor and outdoor “classroom” space, for project work, music, and playing.

We can offer our staff a quality work-life balance; no homework or testing for our children means no marking, and we instil a culture of keeping to core working hours and not taking work home. For our first year, we are trialling a four-day school week for the children; they will have four longer days Monday - Thursday, and our staff team will work a shorter day on Fridays to spend crucial time without the children, reflecting and planning together as a team.

We offer an incomparably beautiful setting for your days, and the opportunity to be creative within education, freed from the restrictions of the national curriculum, and to reach your full potential.

Please read below for any current vacancies and to find out more about the vision and ethos behind Liberty Woodland School.

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Liberty Woodland School Structure

Each of our Senior Learning Associates will team up with a Learning Associate to be responsible for a community of 20 children each, supported by our Art Atelierista, Musician, Tinker & Maker, and Scientist & Engineer, and also by the Pedagogue Leader and Deputy Head.


We have no vacancies at the moment, however check out our Little Forest Folk nurseries here to see if there are any suitable vacancies.


To apply please send your CV along with a covering letter explaining why you would like to join our exciting venture to

If you’re not sure what role you’d be best suited for, please still feel welcome to send in your CV to the above email, using the subject line ‘Careers,’ or click the link button below to enquire.

Equal Opportunities

Liberty Woodland School is an Equal Opportunities Employer. The school welcomes applications from everyone irrespective of mobility, gender and ethnic group. Appointment will be based on merit alone and is subject to the receipt of suitable references and clear background checks.

Liberty Woodland School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of the children and young people and ensuring safeguarding practice reflects statutory responsibilities, government guidance and complies with best practice and Ofsted requirements, and the School expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment. Successful candidates will be asked to apply for an Enhanced Disclosure from the Barring Service. Information about the disclosure can be found at

About us

Liberty Woodland School is the sister school of London’s Little Forest Folk nurseries, an exciting and forward thinking organisation offering a new type of education for families in London. At Liberty Woodland School, we care for and educate children aged from 4 to 11, following a core curriculum created by us to focus on skills based competencies, incorporating learning in an outdoor environment where free play, fresh air, exposure to the natural world and physical activity are an integral part of learning.

Our aim is to address the increasing disconnect between children and nature, and to re-imagine the way education is applied in the UK.



There is currently a world revolution in communication, technology, work, and leisure. Rapid change in these and other spheres is a feature of everyday life. To cope with such changes, children need both the confidence to develop their own perspectives and the capacity to continue acquiring new knowledge and skills. Our curriculum will provide an educational foundation that supports the full range of skills that children will need as life-long learners. We want to prepare children for this new era of innovation and imagination, where creativity and personal skills are key drivers in success. Imagination is the most valued skill in current society. We are living in a world where we have the opportunity to imagine the future we want to create together, and to create it.


We want our children to grow up as self-motivated, independent, confident, resilient, creative and competent life-long learners and communicators, healthy in mind, body, and spirit, secure in their sense of belonging and in the knowledge, that they make a valued contribution to society. To be prepared for the future by acquiring life skills in problem solving, creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, decision making and emotional intelligence. To enjoy the childhood they deserve and experience joy, wonder, inspiration and awe in their lives. Liberty Woodland School aims to be the most fun place in the children’s lives. A place they don’t want to leave. Where they feel valued, empowered, engaged and passionate about their learning.
Our school will be a place where play is highly valued as being critical to children’s learning and development. Children possess a natural curiosity to learn and explore the world around them and play allows them to experiment and learn in a creative and imaginative way. We aim to support children’s cognitive development with an intentional and effective play-based approach.


We have created a curriculum which is founded on our aspirations for our children. Our term curriculum is used to describe the sum total of the experiences, activities, child-centred or adult-directed, which occur within our school environment, designed to foster children's learning and development. Our learning will centre around real world, purposeful projects. Children will co-design learning experiences around projects derived from their passions and interests. Projects will be cross-curricular and will cover a wide range of subjects. Projects will be allocated large time blocks for children to enjoy the freedom of time and space to experience deep and meaningful learning. A new scheme of work will be designed every term by children and educators, based upon the children’s interest around a single overarching theme which is cross curricular and which stimulates curiosity, discovery and insight. These projects will be collaborative and personally designed, underpinned with a strong foundation of adult-led observational assessment. Social, emotional and life skills will be embedded in every project with as much emphasis as academic skills.

You can learn more about our founders and our Little Forest Folk nurseries, here: