Liberty Woodland School

Liberty Woodland School is a natural progression from the freedom of time and space our children enjoy at Little Forest Folk nurseries.

Liberty Woodland School aims to be the most fun place in the children’s lives. A place they don’t want to leave. Where they feel valued, empowered, engaged and passionate about their learning.

Our school is a place where play is highly valued as being critical to children’s learning and development.  Children possess a natural curiosity to learn and explore the world around them and play allows them to experiment and learn in a creative and imaginative way. We aim to support children’s cognitive development with an intentional and effective play-based approach.

‘In play, the child is always behaving beyond his age, above his usual everyday behaviour; in play he is, as it were, a head above himself’

- Vygotsky

Liberty Woodland School Learning and Specialist Subjects 🎥

A re-imagining of school

Liberty Woodland School opened in September 2019. Liberty Woodland School is a primary school which offers a natural progression from the Little Forest Folk child-led and nature-based learning environments.

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Bursary Places

Liberty Woodland School will offer 12.5% of our places as bursary places, these places will be free of charge for Kingston borough families from deprived backgrounds. Please contact use for more information at