We have excitedly launched Liberty Woodland School and are so proud of how incredible an experience it is going to be for our first cohort of children.

We are now looking ahead to our September 2020 intake and will begin offering places in mid-October.

Families enrolled at Little Forest Folk nurseries have been given priority to sign up to our 2020 waiting list, the waiting list will then open to external families wishing to sign up on Thursday 3rd October. Availability for external families will depend on the number of places available, and age of children. Our main intake is for reception aged children, there may also be availability for older children in Year 3 and above to join.

We will have a lottery based waiting list where priority will be given to siblings of enrolled families followed by Little Forest Folk families, whilst ensuring we have a good balance of ages for our mixed age learning.

The waiting list will open to external families on Thursday 3rd October before offers for places are made from mid-October. Any families not offered a place will stay on the waiting list and will be on the reserve list for a place.

We will send an email with all the details you will need of how to sign up to the waiting list at 9am on Thursday 3rd October.

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