Frequently asked questions

Where do you take your inspiration from for Liberty Woodland School’s pedagogy?
We admire and take great inspiration from Reggio Emilia and Te Whariki curriculums in addition to the Forest School ethos and project-based learning programmes we have visited in California.

What is the location of Liberty Woodland School?
Set in an acre of woodland, Liberty Woodland School is a residential premises turned into a magical woodland school based in Worcester park, London.
See more about our location here.

What is your ratio of male/female children and teachers?
We of course would like a world where we are 50/50 male and female in our children and our staff, however we do not discriminate and so accept the children who register, and the best teachers who apply!
See more about our wonderful team here.

What is your adult to child ratio?
There is a minimum of 1 adult to every 8 children.

How many places will be offered for September 2020?
There will be 20 school places offered to join Liberty Woodland School in September 2020.

Can I join if my child has never attended a Little Forest Folk nursery?
Priority for places is given to Little Forest Folk nursery enrolled families, depending on remaining places we may be able to offer school places to external families. There are a limited number of available places for older children to join in January or September 2020.
Any families who join the waiting list not offered a place would stay on the waiting list for any available places.

Do you offer social enterprise places?
We offer 12.5% of our places as bursary places, these places will be free of charge for Kingston borough families from deprived backgrounds, please contact us to find out more about eligibility for our free places.

How are you regulated?
As an independent school, we are regulated by the Department for Education and Ofsted.

What are the school travel arrangements?
There is a minibus collection and drop off near each of the Little Forest Folk nursery locations, there is also a collection and drop off point near Malden Manor station for a “walking bus”.
If you would like to see our approx minibus schedule, please email Carly at

What time is the school open?
The children attend school from 9am-5pm Monday to Thursday, term time only.
Our term dates for 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 can be found here.

Why does the school run Monday to Thursday?
We have taken the traditional school week of 30 hours and condensed it into 4 longer days, with school days being Monday to Thursday. All children stay at school from 9am-4.45pm. Taking into account transfer times on the minibus, children are dropped off at their minibus point from 8am-8.30am and collected from there at 5.30pm-6pm. Our reason for this approach is that the children not only benefit from longer days to fully immerse themselves in their learning, but also they spend less time during the week travelling by minibus. It also means working parents don’t need to find after-school clubs for their children to attend to prolong their working day.

Will you have an open day or when can we visit?
We will offer an Orientation Day to all new families starting with us. Due to logistics we’re unable to organise individual visits.

What will the admissions process be?
We will have a lottery based waiting list, priority will be given to siblings of enrolled families followed by Little Forest Folk families, whilst ensuring we have a good balance of ages for our mixed age learning.

How much are the school fees?
Current fees are £3995 per term, next year’s fees have not yet been confirmed as there may be a small increase in fees to cover inflation of our salaries.

What are the minibus fees?
There will be an additional cost for minibus transfers which for academic year 2019/2020 is £500 per term.

How much is the enrolment fee?
Entry into the waiting list ballot will require a payment of a non-refundable registration fee of £100.
A registration fee of £1500 is required on formal acceptance of a place. This includes a £750 enrolment fee and a £750 deposit. The £750 deposit will be deducted from the child’s final term’s fees, providing the family have given at least one terms notice in writing.

Are the registration fees refundable if my child is not offered a place?
The £100 registration fee is non-refundable, however you will remain on the waiting list. If any places do become available we would offer these on a lottery basis.

How can I find out more about enrolments at Little Forest Folk nurseries?

Please visit the Little Forest Folk website here to learn more about the nurseries or send Carly an email if you have any questions about admissions for Liberty Woodland School at

When will registrations open for September 2020?

Any families who are currently or previously enrolled at a Little Forest Folk nursery will be given a one week priority sign up from Wednesday 25th September to Wednesday 2nd October, the waiting list will then open to external families on Thursday 3rd October before offers for places are made from mid-October.

What if I want to apply for a place after the deadline?

We will reserve a list of waiting list families on a cancellation list in case of any families being unable to take up their place at Liberty Woodland School. Any families wishing to join our waiting list after our deadline will be added to our cancellation waiting list only.

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